The London Coffeeshop Hop

Hi again!

I’m here to talk about the coffee places I’ve gone to in London so far, and what I’ve thought about them. I’ll speak about the chains and the hole in the walls and the atmosphere that surrounds them.

Disclaimer: Not sponsored at ALL. Though how cool would that be like free coffee? Yum.

Paper & Cup – Shoreditch

First, the coffeeshop I’m writing this post from! Paper and Cup is small, cozy, and cute not-for-profit cafe in Shoreditch close to the bustling Brick Lane. This place though is tucked around the corner by a beautiful park in a more residential neighborhood. They do both sit in and take away, and if you sit in you can see their collection of books that are for sale for about a pound each. They also display local art that’s for sale. Nice people, nice area, free wifi, and a large window at the front to people-watch. Perfect for me!

Cafe Nerro – Um Everywhere

The one and only Italian chain that has places in not one and only location. Actually quite the opposite, there is one on every corner in London it seems, each boasting a slightly different interior. They have couches and widow seats in every shop, and sometimes a long bench table where people collaborate. In house drinks are slightly more expensive than take away (10p), but they also have an array of sandwiches and cakes to choose from. Cozy and filled with jazz and the smell of coffee, Cafe Nerro is the homiest chain of a coffeeshop. Also they have water cups out for everyone, which is great. Hydrate!

Lundenwic – Strand

A modern yet somehow cute coffeeshop that looks like just one, tiny floor at first actually has a bottom floor, though still on the smaller side, full of tables and chairs. The small stairs are distinctively European, yet the space looks like a chic cave, with a rounder room with some more comfier chairs if you’re with a group. Usually has students and freelancers there for a cheeky cup of coffee or avocado toast, and has great mellow electronic vibin’ music and good smelling bathroom soap. Wins all around! They usually also bring you your drink wherever you decide to sit, so you don’t have to get it down the stairs without spilling (which I would definitely do).

Here’s the round-up for the week, and I will update y’all as the coffeeshop hop continues!

Now I should probably actually read for class.

Wish me luck! 🙂


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