You Need to Chill One Day a Week

The thing about study abroad is that you have a limited time to look around, explore, eat, and all the fun things. The issue though, is that you can get burnt out.

This is something many people who have studied abroad have told me, that sometimes you feel guilty for staying in when really, you are just taking care of your body. It’s easier to stay home and watch Netflix when you’re actually home, but when you’re not and instead you’re paying a lot to be somewhere, you feel guilty for not going out and doing the “traveling”.

My mom instead told me to stay in one day a week. And by stay in, I could still go to the library, or go grocery shopping, or maybe pass by a coffeeshop. But what she meant is not to overdo it, to have a day to take care of yourself and your new home and your clothes and tidy and plan, just so you are not running on fumes for the rest of the week.

So please, if you’re abroad, or home, or at school, take some time for yourself. Take a day to chill.

Some ideas on how:

  1. Bath/shower +new pajamas/loungewear
  2. Tea and a nice show
  3. A walk around the neighborhood and a podcast
  4. Drawing, sketching, or writing
  5. Stretching or yoga

Let me know what you do to relax!


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