Why I Got an Oxford Mug

The other day I went to visit Oxford, England, as a hiatus from London life. That town, and university, and structure, is just so old it’s astounding. That was the main thing I realized, that this town boasted people and a life that was so different from ours, and also really similar. People worried about who liked them and who didn’t, whether they were smart or not, family issues, cold winters. But they also didn’t have stresses of everyday media, or news from around the world, or a way to connect with people easily who didn’t live there.

They had castles, and abodes, not houses. But they had homes.

Anyways, the mug is super cute. I always feel weird getting college gear at a college I never went to, for the fear that someone would be like “Hey I went there too” or “Wow I didn’t know you went to __” and having to answer that question with a No. So I never did it, even when I was applying everywhere and any college was a possibility.

But this was a bit different. Of course, I would get something from my host study abroad uni in London, but Oxford was one of the oldest universities in the world. And, when my friend said

“You know, people get honorary degrees from here. Like when they accomplish something great in the world”

I immediately wanted to get it. My idea is that every time I’m drinking tea from this mug, what I should be doing or studying) or taking a break from studying should get me closer to being one of those people who were honored with such a degree. I want my work and career to revolve around positive global impact, and this mug was a manifestation of the inspiration and possibility and potential I could have if I worked hard enough.

And it’s a cute mug.



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